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About Andrew & Amy


About Andrew:
Andrew is a down-to-earth, quiet guy who is talented in so many things and so many ways. He’s the type where once he learns something, he needs to master and become an expert at it. Because of this trait Andrew is continually learning researching and growing in everything he does – including and especially in photography and everything that goes with it.

Because of his bottomless thirst for knowledge and his background as a computer scientist, his strength is in the technical side of photography and technology in general.

Andrew is currently working full time computer programming and pursues his hobbies of photography, working on cars and running on a race track during the weekends. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a MDIV degree and is currently getting his instrument rating at Gillespie Field’s AP Aero & mechanics license at San Diego Miramar College. In the future, he hopes to go into the mission field as a missionary aviation pilot! 

About Amy:
Amy is a creative, fun-loving, talkative & easy-to-get-along girl who has been in front of a camera since she was born. She understands, exactly, how it’s like being on both sides of the camera – especially since her father was once a professional photographer himself. Because of this heritage, it was only natural for her to pick up a camera.

From youth, Amy’s strength was in the creative side of things – designing birthday cards from as early as 8 or 9 to picking up a camera when she was  around 10. With the encouragement of Andrew and his own new-found love for photography, it was an even a logical step to go into photography as a team.

Amy now works full-time at AX2D.com – designing albums, editing pictures, making photo collages & designing other print material such as all the things that go into a wedding (invitations, save-the-dates,  direction cards, thank you cards and etc.).

On the side, she has become somewhat of a fashion consultant. Having had the greatest opportunity to work at the 3rd Street Prominade’s Anthropologie, she was a sales associate steeped in one of the most creatively & fabulously designed stores that sells all things beautiful, fashionable & vintage. Having seen, met and talked to some of the most well-dressed and awesome people, she’s unconsciously picked up a few things that has made her, somewhat of a “go-to-girl” for what “looks good” and “looks bad” – not only in fashion, but also in everything from makeup to special event hairstyle.

Currently she is a FT-SAHM(full time stay at home mom) of a 2.5 year old and a 6/7 month old named Aiden & Asher! Amy enjoys watching them grow, everyday, and tries to document it as much as she can!

Above photo: Christmas 2015, taken by Amanda Soto of LBPO Photography

September 5, 2013

 We are currently expecting a baby early to mid October 🙂


September 17, 2013

Welcome to our family Aiden! 😀 He was born – one month early at 36 weeks – on September 17 @ 11:15

6 lbs 1 oz & 21 inches long.


February 21, 2014

Our little one is now 5 months old :D.
I (first time mommy) now have a subject to photography everyday! For more of Aiden 😀 go to our post “Welcome Baby Aiden” and all the photos of him from birth to now (will be updated shortly):


August 18, 2015

 We are currently expecting our 2nd baby mid October 🙂

Photos Below:
Jamie Murray Photography 


CURRENT UPDATE * April 27, 2016


Asher happily graced us with his presence on October 8, 2015. Aiden is now a very tall and lanky 2.5 year old.



With the joining between technical and creative, it was only natural for Ax2D Photography to form and become something great. We love what we do and we hope that we’ll be able to work with you someday!