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Patricia’s Mills Graduation (5.14.11)

A graduation weekend in Northern California!

We went to an early morning graduation for Patricia this past weekend. When we look back at it, in terms of speech content, it was definitely the more enjoyable graduation of the two that we attended that weekend.

Berkeley was all about achievements and awards – which pretty much boiled down to me.. me… I.. I.. The speeches were either “I’m great” or “We/Berkeley, is on top of the world”. In contrast, Mills was all about humanitarianism. It was all about giving hope to those without hope. It was all about minorities facing persecution and being given a second chance to find success or have success.

Although I didn’t really pay attention to the speeches as much as i could have, I was definitely there for a much better reason. I was there to see one of my best of friends graduate from her MBA! 🙂 A great achievement I might add! Although we didn’t get to stay the whole time, we got as many pictures in as we could!

Here they are!

For better quality, click on the pictures themselves!

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