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Reuben & Susie Engagement (1.25.11)

Yesterday, I had the awesome privilege to play an undercover photographer for a “surprise” engagement proposal between two great friends.

One thing leading to another, the location ended up being at Descanso Garden in La Canada Flintridge. I packed all my gear the night before, not knowing what to expect (Note: in the end, I only used the 80-200 F/2.8 & my baby, the 24-70 F/2.8.. so I had TOO much gear.). When Tuesday finally came, Reuben and I walked around Descanso around noon-time to find the perfect spot for a 4-5 pm engagement proposal. We picked the gazebo in the International Rosarium because of the definite lighting during the time of the proposal. The only thing we worried about was that someone would be occupying the space when it happens. And sure enough, that was one out of the two major obstacles we stumbled upon – second obstacle, being that it’s rather hard to hide both the body and the shadow from being seen. Reuben even said he saw my legs hanging out. With someone as observant as Susie… it was hard to hide.

Reuben had to bring Susie around the gazebo area a few times because, sure enough, a couple walks in and sits down in the gazebo. Knowing that he had to wait, I kept a careful eye on him, trying my best to hide behind bushes and trees as they circled around. With no movement in the gazebo, he eventually led her back towards the entrance for our plan-b. Not wanting to trek all the way out there with gear out in the open, when Reuben turned the corner away from view, I ran to tell the couple to leave the gazebo. I asked them to move because i had a friend who was going to propose to a girl right where they were sitting. Yes… cruel, but I had to. When they finally moved, I texted Reuben to come back. I didn’t know whether he would get the message. I was hoping he would and sure enough he did. This time, when thought he saw another couple approaching the gazebo, he rushed in to get to it first. They sat down, unfortunately, with Susie facing the way I was hiding. I didn’t know what to do and so I waited. When Reuben finally got down on one knee, I just rushed out to capture the moment from the side – hoping she wouldn’t see.

Fortunately, I wasn’t discovered until the very last minute.  Yes, I was discovered because I didn’t want to miss the event. But it was worth it! I got it on videotape and I got some of the major moments on the camera. Afterwards. we trekked around and got some “posed” shots. Around 5:00 pm, we finally left for a small picnic. We left with  the full satisfaction and happiness that it was all over and done. Reuben and Susie were finally engaged! It was celebration time!

For a better quality picture, click on the pictures themselves.

For every posed picture, there had to be a funny/cute one 🙂 !

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  2. Eman

    17 Feb on 2011 at 9:58 am

    This is fantastic. Thanks for these pictures.

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