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Scott Kelby’s Second-Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

Location: Old Town Tustin, CA

Time: 10am – 12pm on 7/18/2009

Why Tustin? Amy and I signed up a bit too late for the photo contest so we joined the one last photo walk that was within 50 miles. I was familiar with Old Town Tustin as I lived near by back in 2004 so I decided why not. It took both of us about 20 minutes to scope the place out and to get warmed up. We wandered through the city only to find that many of the original stores have been modernized. We wanted to find some of the original features of the town back when it was farm land and didn’t yet have pavement. We bumped into an old blacksmith shop to find a cheerful old man who was so willing to share about his life and work. We actually posed for us and showed us a ton of photos of the shop when it was originally built. He had inherited the shop from his father who built the shop. Enjoy the shots!


One thought on “Scott Kelby’s Second-Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

  1. Mimi Chen

    20 Jul on 2009 at 10:12 am

    I really like these shots, most especially the 2nd one. The shadows + lighting works really well and I love how you captured the fire flint while he was working!

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